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"What is an e-instruct?"

e-instructs.com™ was designed to help people worldwide assemble and use products more confidently by virtually bringing its paper instructions to life.

The concept is simple:  Through live and interactive animation, the customer watches a product assemble itself, step-by-step, on their computer or Web-enabled mobile device.

The change from printed-paper instructions to e-instructs.com offers many benefits to customers.  With its visual approach and easy-to-follow instructions, customers will be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to assemble most any product.

The beauty of having fully interactive animated product instructions online is that the customer is in complete control of the experience. They can view the product assembly online at their own pace – anytime, anywhere – using familiar DVD-like controls, which allows the customer to interact with the e-instruction, navigating through the steps and zooming in on specific details as necessary. 

An easy to understand interface also allows the customer to pull up context sensitive help menus, explore the detailed parts list, view the tools needed for assembly, and then print all or select pages of the e-instruct.
With e-instruct’s “one-click” ordering, replacement parts and accessories can be easily purchased online, making increased sales just a mouse click away from any e-instructs page.

From products simple to complex, e-instructs.com can help manufacturers and retailers ensure a better experience for their customers by providing the means to a smoother product assembly, this makes life easier for the customer.

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